Our Founder

David Lighty

David is a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary and Enrolled Agent. He earned his Bachelor’s in Accounting from the University of San Diego, and held various banking and corporate accounting roles before forming Lighty Financial. David has over ten years of experience working in the Family Back Office industry and cares deeply about establishing trusted relationships between himself and his valued clientele.

I’m passionate about financial management but I’m most passionate about helping my clients find financial freedom so they have the time to actualize a more satisfying lifestyle. 

David Lighty

What We Do

Personal CFO’s

Your personal Chief Financial Officer – helping you stay financially organized and stress free in every day life. We manage every aspect of your financial picture and provide you with a comprehensive overview so you’re always in the loop without the burden of maintaining the details yourself.

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Core Values

More Than Management

Confidentiality.  Discipline.  Efficiency.